Mr. Groundhog? Hello? Is it Spring?

It’s that most dreary and depressing time of the year. Christmas is long gone and packed away. The romance of Valentine’s Day has passed, the trees are lonely, dark and naked and afraid. No birds carelessly flying around to stop at my bird feeder. As much as I hate to admit the truth, it’s over. Soup and I must part ways…….for now. Why? Because really? who doesn’t LOVE a hot, slow, simmering pot of soup on the stove to warm the cold, dark, final days of winter? But…..sigh…..my husband, including the cat and the dog, can be heard for miles groaning, “Nooooo…….. no more!”

And so……we wait……. to be continued.

Wife, Mother, Empty-Nester, Budding Blogger, Writer and Photographer living by the Sea in Manahawkin, New Jersey. Fan of good food, good wine, coffee, and good design.

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