MY BACKGROUND is in Retail and Real Estate. My passion for Art and Design began while studying Art History in College. Taken as a free-elective, it became my favorite subject. Legal Study courses and becoming a Paralegal after graduation allowed me to pay the bills. Various part-time Retail and Design jobs further developed and refined my eye for decorating and Design. While my years working did not provide me with a pension, they did provide me with a wealth of knowledge and experience. And as an extra added bonus, I have a house full of things that I love.

AS A YOUNG WIFE and MOTHER short on money and time, I decorated my very small, Victorian row-house with second-hand, thrifted and restored treasures, sewed all of my own custom window treatments, knitted throws and made decorative accessories.

LEARNING TO COOK and ENTERTAIN unable to afford dinners out, I hosted LOTS of dinner parties and parties for friends and family. I taught myself to cook by watching my Father, Uncles, Aunts, my Grandmother, an Italian immigrant, and my cousins (accomplished chefs themselves) in the kitchen. I grew vegetables and herbs in the backyard as they did. I studied and practiced what I learned from “Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook” and along the way, added Julia Child’s “The Way to Cook” and Marcella Hazan’s, “Classic Italian Cooking” to my repertoire.  I figured if I couldn’t travel to France and Italy, I could go there by cooking. Thus began my love of collecting cookbooks and cooking.

MY PHILOSOPHY when cooking for family and friends we simply are not just performing another dreaded “chore” that we must check off our daily “to do” list. We are bonding with one another while creating memories and traditions. When we share the tactile sensations of preparing and handling food, igniting our senses with tastes and smells and expressing our creativity with food, we are instead, nourishing our hearts and our souls. It adds joy to our lives. Cooking does not have to be complicated nor does it require special training or hard to find, expensive ingredients.  Growing up, cooking dinner was a daily ritual in our home. Setting the table, enjoying a simple meal and the animated discussions that took place at the dinner table are my most treasured childhood memories and my happiest times when my children were growing up. I hope that you find a recipe you like and make some memories of your own.


MY PHILOSOPHY “YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE RICH IN ORDER TO LIVE RICHLY” Designing a life that you love and creating a home that is truly your sanctuary is what this site is all about.

  1. My husband and our children my Maltese, Chloe and my cat, Simba. They are what I live and breath for;
  2. I love the beach and our life here in the Long Beach Island area;
  3. I love GOOD FOOD;
  4. GOOD WINE and;
  5. MUSIC. (I come from not only a family of good cooks but musicians as well);
  6. CONVERSATION and WINE is best shared with friends…it’s cheaper than therapy;
  7. My house during the summer months is a.k.a. Bennett’s B&B…not really but it should be.;
  8. I collect vintage jewelry, dishes, silver serving pieces, cookbooks and kitchen gadgets. I can’t seem to get enough;
  9. I am a history buff and lover of historical architecture;
  10. I arrange my cabinets like I am stocking the shelves at my past retail job. Old habits die hard.